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Seeking Human Kindness

"Seeking Human Kindness" is a compilation of 50 inspirational true short stories gathered from across the world. In moments of need, will you pay it forward?


Escaping Poverty

Inspirational stories of those who have overcome tremendous odds to become successful


The Grumpy Old Man: A World Without Rainbows

The fully illustrated story describes one man's journey to seek happiness. Leaving in the woods alone, the grumpy old man finds no solace. He devises a plan to rid the world of rainbows. In the process, he comes to learn that true joy comes from helping others.


The Beast of Bellevue

This tale as old as time gets a new spin. What if the roles of  beauty and the beast were reversed?  Young Ava is looking for love and acceptance. She thinks she finds it online. The only trouble is she is locked in an institution and her prince is not necessarily who she thinks he is.


The Bullied Anthologies

"The Bullied Anthology: Stories of Success" is the cumulative work of those who have survived bullying to become wildly successful.


The Wonderful Life of Sam the Snail

In the children's novel, our heroic young snail grows up from a life in the swamps to  discover his calling in the outside world.  Despite many of his family's warning, he sets out to find his dream.

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