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The Beast of Bellevue


Ava Pierce is desperate to find her own way and assert some independence after years of struggling with emotional turmoil. She lives in a world wrought with fear of people, social isolation, unrelenting bullying from classmates, and psychiatric hospitalizations.

While locked up in Bellevue Sanatorium, the seventeen-year-old scrolls through a dating website and stumbles upon soccer star Alec Albright’s photo, and thinks she’s finally found her Prince Charming.

Seventeen-year-old Dylan Albright lives in his heartthrob brother’s shadow. His brother is the soccer star, the popular guy, the one everyone loves, while Dylan is the odd man out most of the time.

Eager to finally be the center of attention, Dylan creates a dating website and poses as his brother. When someone unknowingly falls for his ruse, he finds himself in a vulnerable position—one that could cost him his heart.

What happens when Ava discovers the love of her life might not be who she thinks he is?

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