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Reader's Favorite - 5 Star Review - by Tracy A. Fischer

"In an absolutely worthwhile new read released by publishers Reading Harbor, Escaping Poverty: Inspirational True Stories is a simply wonderful compendium of stories from individuals who have done just that. From those who are still struggling to those who have risen above poverty through education, through receiving a little help, or through sheer determination and the refusal to give up, readers will definitely find at least one, if not many, people whom they connect with. Many of the situations will come across as very familiar, and perhaps as something that the reader themselves has gone through. The people featured in the book, although coming from very different backgrounds and situations, have things in common: first, they have all experienced what it feels like to be one of the marginalized in our society, and second, they have all refused to give up and still continue to believe in the possibility of the American dream.

I so, so enjoyed Escaping Poverty. As a social worker, many of these stories were echoes of those that I heard from the individuals and families that I worked with when I worked in homeless services in a rural community in the Midwestern United States. The book touched my heart, made me teary, and at times left me feeling jubilant, as people were able to describe how they broke the destructive cycle of poverty. I can truly recommend this book to any reader, and fervently hope that many will read it. I think that the perspective it gives is an important one - that many of those who are living in poverty are willing to do just about anything to get out of it; they are not the “lazy bums” that some would like to label them. I certainly hope that the publisher, Reading Harbor, will continue to work on efforts in this vein. I, for one, would absolutely be in line to read another book like this one."

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