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The Importance of an Eye-Catching Book Cover

First impressions only last once. A book cover is your 5 second sell to a potential buyer on your product. It is the equivalent of a come-hither look. Book covers play the role of introducing a book to a potential reader. Needless to say, a quality book cover is important.

Frequently, self-published authors may neglect this fact. A good book cover is meant to serve a purpose - to attract attention. If it fails to do this, then it is no longer a good book cover. It hasn't done its job.

When you as a consumer go to buy a book, what do you look for? This is exactly what you should have in mind when you design your book cover. Frequently, many novices try to save money buy D.I.Y. book covers or buy scrimping on paying for a professional cover. Instead debut authors might believe naively that the quality of a book will earn praises for itself. However, to be read, one must first be noticed.

"Beauty may open the door, but only virtue enters." - Russian Proverb

Your book must look good for the doorway to be opened.

Average Cost of Stock Image Covers $300-500 USD

Experienced Designers Cost $500-800 USD

Top Tier Design Costs $800-$1,500 USD

Source: Reedsy

Some people think book covers cost can be prohibitive. Truthfully, high quality artwork can demand high prices. But there are several ways around this. Thankfully the internet is a giant network of resources. Many tools exist for finding and hiring talent that can help put together a beautiful cover for less money than you may think.

Students who are working to pay for art school may be willing to help with your professional looking cover for a fraction of the price. Typically, students are looking to build their portfolio as that can help them land more lucrative gigs in the future. You can find also artists from around the globe on such platforms as Deviant Art and take advantage of favorable currency exchange rates.

In short, money may be a problem but there are workarounds available to help you navigate to get what you need. Don't be penny-wise and pound foolish. A good book cover can be worth its weight in gold!

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